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Zero Waste + Circular Economy
Zero Waste + Circular Economy

ZWIRCLE is an Exponential Venture Capital Organization that aims to
eliminate waste and transform economy.

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Stop plastic waste and transform the existing one into valuable products

ZWIRCLE is an Exponential Venture Capital Organization formed by an ecosystem of technology and strategic partners that share extensive knowledge in the field of sustainability and circular economy and work together towards two interconnected goals:


Eradicate plastic waste by meeting Sustainable Development Goals


To become the major international reference in all issues related to sustainability and circular economy .

WARNING! We are poisoning our babies

Image of an Albatross feeding its chick with plastic it has mistaken for food.

This image from Chris Jordan's magnificent film serves as an explanation to understand the mission of ZWIRCLE. Plastic pollution and microplastics contaminate our food, our drinking water, our oceans, our rain, our soil and all the ecosystems of the planet. Chemicals from plastic are already in the blood of our newborn babies. Unless we take urgent action, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.

We must put an end to the illegal dumping of polluting waste

Globally, only 9.1% of the plastics used are recycled (*), and much of the rest ends up in many cases in illegal landfills, formerly in China, now largely in Southeast Asia, invading and polluting our natural environment exponentially.

(*) Global Plastics Outlook OECD

PIKAP is a project through which ZWIRCLE wants to provide a solution to the problem of waste sorting with the creation of a reverse logistics technology platform for waste collection at home.

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 14.12.55

Recycling solution: Categorize waste at source and provide traceability of the transformation process.

At ZWIRCLE we use cutting-edge technologies to transform plastic waste into Raw Materials for Architecture, Industrial Design and Construction

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HEADQUARTERS: Camino Del Avenida 2 - s/n Pantoja-Toledo C.P. 45290 Spain

(+34) 911 407 965


C. de Gravina, 14, 28004 Madrid, Spain

(+34) 911 407 965



C. de Gravina, 14, 28004 Madrid, Spain

(+34) 911 407 965